Welcome to LIFT conference 2023. 

This year’s theme is: But the greatest of these… are relationships


Our Relationship with God

by Thomas Christensen, lead pastor in Openchurch, Copenhagen

Everyday life is full of relationships with people I can feel, see and hear. This is exactly what makes relationships concrete and visible. But what about the relationship with God, which I cannot experience in the same way? How can I experience his presence in my everyday life? – Experience that He can actually communicate with me in different ways? And that I can be direct and natural in my communication with Him.

Our Relationship with others and ourselves

by Lars Bo Olesen, lead pastor in Openchurch, Herning

The performance culture in society can put me under pressure. Does the same thing happen in my church, or can I rest in being myself? Relax where I don’t have to deliver, perform or live up to other people’s expectations? How can church be the place where I don’t have to do something to be somebody?

The Unlikely Relationship

by Thomas Hansen, lead pastor in Hillsong, Copenhagen

In everyday life, I meet people whose core values are completely different from mine. Should I steer clear of these people? Or can I create a genuine relationship with my neighbour, colleague and people who may have completely different values to me?

And how should I act in relation to the Great Commision? Am I obliged to present my faith and convictions, in the company of others? Or is the goal of the relationship just the relationship?  

The Relationship between church volunteers (panel)

with Eik Bidstrup, team leader in Openchurch Copenhagen. Ingrid Frederiksen, pastor in Apostolic Church, Kolding. Peter Skov, team leader in Hillsong Copenhagen. Moderator Allan Høyer, journalist

Many of us are part of a work group in church. Am I most concerned here with the task being successful? Or is it my relationship with the others in the group which is important. How can I help create a team culture which is characterized by empathy, encouragement and a positive atmosphere? An environment that is nice to be in.



(Please observe that all timestamps are Danish time) 


Breakfast and fellowship


Session 1 // Our Relationship with God

Morning break

Session 2 // Our Relationship with others and ourselves

Lunch break


Session 3 // The Unlikely Relationship

Afternoon break

Session 4: panel // The Relationship between church volunteers

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